A guide to natural parenting for the modern family

• easier pregnancy and birth
• losing post baby weight
• sleep solutions without tears
• paediatric chiropractic
• infant massage & bonding
• understanding breastfeeding


"Strong evidence-based, it's beautifully supportive."
Pinky McKay, Lactation Consultant, best-selling author

"Such a gentle, lovely way of giving advice. It's the charm of the book."
Suzanne Male, journalist & author

"Andi presents Attachment Parenting in an easy-to-understand way."
Dr Bill Sears, best-selling author

"A brilliant read! Perfect baby shower present or for any new mother."
Natalie Kringoudis, Chinese Medicine Fertility Specialist

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About the Author

Andi Lew is first and foremost the loving mother of a baby boy. She is an energetic and bubbly woman who is an accomplished Australian TV presenter, actor, published author, voice-over artist, certified infant massage instructor, qualified chiropractic assistant and co–author of 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You.

Andi launched and signed copies of her second book on Tuesday the 17th of July, 2012 at Sipser Family Chiropractic Wellness Centre, 20 Ormond Road, Elwood. She also appeared on 60 Minutes with Michael Usher and Mornings with Sonia Kruger on CH9. It's now available in all good book stores and on Amazon.

Andi’s new book which she laboured over for 2 years, encourages mothers to celebrate natural parenting and learn how to get some quality ‘shut eye’. Lactation consultant and best-selling author, Pinky McKay was the special guest speaker for the launch.

Andi is a woman of wide experience and education and has a natural nurturing instinct. She feels a strong drive to share her extensive research and personal journey of being a modern mother so that others may benefit from what has made such a difference in her own life.

The Modern Day Mother discusses how one can parent naturally and gently without crying methods. Compelling science about how a baby’s brain works, holistic wisdom and common sense advice about healthy pregnancy, natural connected birthing, no-cry sleep tips, losing post baby weight, infant massage/bonding and finding support will, without a doubt, help mothers feel empowered.

According to Best-selling author and lactation consultant Pinky McKay, The Modern Day Mother is "beautifully supportive". She refers to it as an empathetic mother-to-mother approach coupled with strong evidence" that "leaves you feeling empowered and confident."

The personal journey of a modern mother will inspire mothers to nurture their babies in order to understand what healthy sleep is and how to get it. The modern day mother highlights how to find the right balance of responding to a baby’s cries and cues in a Western world lifestyle. The book also proves instrumental in assisting mothers to trust their instincts in order to enhance their baby’s brain development.

Best-selling author and Attachment Parenting guru Dr. Bill Sears writes that "Andi presents Attachment Parenting in an easy-to-understand way. You’ll find brilliant information on how to increase your chances of having a happier, healthier, smarter child".

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